Novell Client 4.83 SP1 & IIS FTP


Jorge Aguiar

Hello everybody,

I have a Windows 2000 server running IIS to host an FTP site that *must*
physically reside in a NetWare 3.12 server (Windows is only performing the
FTP server role, data is actually stored and maintained in NetWare).

The FTP server home directory is set to a UNC share name (\\nwserver\sys),
the MS and NW credentials match, I'm using the Microsoft Client for NetWare,
and everything is working fine.

However, for several reasons (e.g., performance), I'd like to switch to the
Novell Client. But I just can't get it to work ! IIS complains (in the event
log) that there's an "Invalid Function" or "File not found" error.

It doesn't seem to be a security problem, because a) All works fine with the
MS client, and b) When I configure IIS to use invalid usernames or passwords
on purpose, the correct "Bad username or password" message comes up.

There's an old Novell TID (TID2922281, Feb. 1999) that states that IIS is
incompatible with the Novell client.
There's a MS KB article that confirms this (Q169269). But it applies to IIS
3.0, an old version.
And then there are several MS KB articles that seem to imply that it *can*
be done using the Novell Client, although they refer to the IIS Web server
rather than the FTP server. (Q271228, 271214).

Any hints, please ?

PS: The main reason why I want to switch to the Novell Client is that, when
performing very large data transfers from the NW server to the W2K server,
sometimes data gets corrupted and I get "The MS Client for Netware has timed
out one or more requests to NWSERVER" warnings in the event log


Did you post this on Novell's website yet? I'm assuming
you already know that NetWare 3.12 hasn't been supported
for years and that it doesn't do IP traffic, which may be
related to why you're having issues with the client.

NetWare 3.12 relies entirely on IPX traffic and the newer
clients default to IP traffic, so it's possible there's a
client setting that needs to be "tweaked" to get it to
work correctly. I love the old 3.12 platform though, it's
rock solid!

Another possiblity may be the way the client is trying to
authenticate, sometimes you have to tweak those settings
as well whenever you try to connect to a 3.12 server - big
differences in the database on the backend of the bindery
and directory services. Even differences in DS versions
can cause a few hiccups due to engine changes between
NetWare 4.x, 5.x and 6.x.

Jorge Aguiar

Hi !

No, I didn't post this to Novell yet, but I will do so. I know that 3.12
doesn't do IP; I installed the client with IPX only and Bindery only. I also
forced the frame type to 802.3, set the preferred server and adjusted
Windows network provider order.
Even more strange: I tried the same exact configuration in a Windows 2000
Professional... and it works !! I wonder if it might have something to do
with the fact that the W2K Server has Active Directory installed ?

Anyway, thanks for the tip ! BTW, I still rely on 3.12 because I know I can
keep a server running for *years* without any problems whatsoever. I
actually can't remember the last time I shut it down !


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