Win95 Client-Netware Server & Win2K workgroup


John Belyea


I'm at a new High School trying to set-up a programming course. The problem
I encounter is a Novell Netware Server which has been riddled with viruses
and although we now have a Virus checker running, I do not trust any of the
system for stability or accounts for security. However since other staff
require the server and as I share the classroom, I must retain Netware
Client as the primary login.

In my other classroom, I've set-up a Win2K Pro Workgroup. I'm trying to
connect the Netware machine to this new server via TCP/IP. Is this possible
with a Win95 Client? Also the school's connected to a Board DNS Server which
assigns IP's. I read that to do what I want with Win95, I must manually
assign IP's. Is this possible with a DNS assigning IP's?

Any suggestions welcomed,


P.S. Probably obvious, but I'm a Netware novice and do not have rights to
alter the Novell server nor make Win2K a trusted sever on the Board's

Keith Klenke

I am not sure what your issue is, netware os is not vulnerable to viruses as
you are used to windows being so, nor is eDirectory.

Steven Bellamy

The only way a NW server can get infected with a virus is if someone has
Admin rights to the file system and infect the Windows executable components
of NetWare, I.e. the sys:login directory which Windows uses to login into
Eventhough some executable files are infected with viruses, it doesn't mean
that you NW server has been compromised, as the virus will never go resident
in memory as the virus was designed for Windows PC's.
NW handles memory totally differently to Windows.

First off, what version of NW are your runnning?
NW5 and above are Pure IP, so you can login to NW using IP only, if your
running anything below NW5, you're out of luck.
AFAIK Win95 is still supported with Client version 3.3 (needed for Pure IP)
and above.

To run NW in pure IP mode, you'll need to configure Service Location
Protocol (SLP).
I'm not sure what your setup looks like, but simply running SLPDA from the
server console and selecting the default should be OK for most
organisations, you'll need to configure the DA only in large companies.
You'll also need to add "LOAD SLPDA.NLM" to your autoexec.ncf file so that
SLPDA loads each time the server loads. (Easiest way is using NWCONFIG at
the console)

DNS servers do not assign IP addresses, DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration
Protocol) servers do.
You should be able to use a dynamically assigned IP address, but you may
have to configure the SLP settings manually if your DHCP admin doesn't/can
add in the SLP info into the DHCP server.
To add the SLPDA to a DHCP server, you'll need to add the NW server's IP
address the Directory Agent field (Code 78).

To configure the Novell client, simply right click on the red 'N' down by
the time, select 'Novell Client Properties', select the 'Service Location'
tab, and enter your NW server's IP address in the 'Directory agent list'

Hope that helps
In future, why not post your Novell questions on the novell news forum.



Windows 95 clients don't work on Windows 2000
workstations. You'll need to get the latest client from
Novell's website. I'm not clear on what you're trying to
do though and lack of NetWare version information throws
another wrench into this as some versions do not support
TCP/IP in a "pure" state.

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