Win2k WS logon to Netware 5 Server



Maybe someone can help me solve a simple to work around, yet still
aggrevating problem.

I've got several new Windows 2000 PC workstations, each is updated thru SP4
and up to date according to microsofts windows update routines. They log
into my Netware 5 server using Novell's Client 4.83 SP2, the most current on
Netware's website. Immediately after the netware login, Win2k asks the user
to log into Win2k. Each user is set up with a user name on his machine,
each with administrator rights.

The problem is before the Novell splashes up on the screen, we get a WINDOWS
SECURITY MESSAGE: Failed to login to windows workstation. You click ok and
the Novell login screen pops up immediately. After unchecking the log into
workstation only box, it allows the login process to go forward.

I'm sure I've got some little something not set correctly. Its like Win2k
is attempting to login to Windows or Netware or something before the Netware
client actually gives us a chance to enter anything.

Any ideas?


Thanks guys--

It WAS pretty simple. I had not checked the "Users must enter name &
password to use this computer" box on the Users & Passwords screen. Now it
works like my old Win98 workstations, Novell login, then windows login.

Yes, I did take the time to set each machine up seperately. But I only had
5 and I figured by the time I could figure out how to automate the update
and installation process, I could probably have it done. But I will take
the time to learn more about Win2k and its features.

Thanks again!

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