Slow file access with Microsoft Client for Netware


James Wilson

Running Win2kPro, linking to Win2k servers and a NetWare 4.2 Sp9
Used to login to the Netware server with the Microsoft client via
bindery service, now using the NDS (Tree/Context) login to simplify
password changes.

With this setting, file access to the Netware server is now very slow.
The contents of a Word or Excel file would appear on the screen but
navigating around the document is impossible for the first 30 seconds.

Changing to the Netware Client is unfortunately not an option.
Any ideas? I've played with the frame type and the NIC speed settings,
but no luck. The server show no errors in the logs; neither do the
workstations. The only solution thus far was switching back to the
Bindery login.
The error occurs on Windows 2000 and XP.



Since you don't mention the version of netware, on the server, try:

set level 2 oplocks enabled=off
set client side caching enabled=off

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