Microsoft Client Services for Netware.


Adrian Moseley

We have a mixed environment for Windows and Novell. Our users currently use
the Novell Client for Netware to connect to our netware services... We are
trying to phase out Novell and move to a Windows 2003 AD. Also as a part of
our migration we wanted to change our user's client from Novell, to the
Microsoft client for Netware. We want them to become familiar with the new
login screen etc. As a pilot to this idea with the new client, there are a
couple of behaviors that are diffenent and just wont fly. First is at the
login, We are still using Novell login scripts go get our mappings. The
login script hangs for about 3 - 5 minutes before continuing. I have also
noticed that I get none of the Search mappings that the login script has for
me. I hope some one has come across this.. Any ideas?? thanks.

Ryan Hanisco


You are stuck with the NetWare client for the time being and can't directly
move the scripts over as the syntax is not the same across clients.
Remember that the NetWare client is there as a full featured client
supporting all of the NetWare features whereas the Microsoft one is there as
an interop to allow access to file shares.

To effect this kind of migration, you need to start at one end and work your
way to the other... In this case, you need to start by migrating Resources
to the Windows side before you worry about access. Other than file shares,
most of the NetWare services aren't accessible from the win client.

Make sure you move printers/ queues, reliance on SLP, and those kinds of
things first. Then modify your logon scripts to be windows based and run
them from your domain. The move your file shares across to windows leaving
eDirectory and NetWare there only as an authentication source. The last
step is to decommission your use of the NetWare client.

The only catch in all of this is if you're using ZEN... I can't offer
advice on moving from ZEN in NetWare to ZEN on Windows Server.

In Disguise

ZEN really isn't that big a move, since you can put eDirectory on
Windows, Linux, AS/400, et al.

Install eDirectory on Windows, move ZENworks to the Windows platform,
the Print Queues, and you should be ok.

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