Dos application TSR on Novell says "IPX not installed"


Alan Aldrich

I have a basic windows2000 server installation where I
have installed the Netware client 4.83 SP2
When I log into the server as administrator ( or anyone
else) it logs me into the NDS tree and server, maps the
novell drives I need, and can even create a gateway, so
IPX is clearly installed.
But when I open a command window and go to the Advanced
revelation directory and run the TSR lhipxtsr.exe it tells
me "ipx is not installed"
I have two other servers with exactly the same OS and
Netware client and they work fine
Can anyone help me understand why this TSR from Revelation
would think "IPX is not installed"?
No help from Revelation yet and neither Novell or
Microsoft knowledgebase is helping.

I have windows2000 SP3 and all appropriate updates

ipxroute config says everything is OK and ipxroute ripout
says the network is reachable


Please write (e-mail address removed) with ideas

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