netware 4.2




I am just inquiring if anybody has had any experience with
Windows 2000 server seeing a netware 4.2 network and its
interoperability. As it stands I have a windows NT network
running ipx and novell 4.2 running ipx. They can inter
connect fine etc. I have a win2k network in testing now
that I want to implement soon, but the novell side is
still needed for legacy apps etc. plus I do not administer
it, I basically just need to inter operate with it. We do
plan on changing it over to TCP/IP though. Before I began
testing the aspect of interoperability, I didn';t know how
it worked with AD etc. Just looking for suggestions.
Please help. Thanks!


Keith V. Klenke

just migrate to netware6.5, its pureip & you dont have all sorts of security
worries in the back of your mind.

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