Migration from Novell 4.11 to Server 2003 file migration problem.

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Kyle Cunningham

I am in the test phase of migrating our Novell 4.11
servers to server 2003. I have successfully ran the
directory synchronization and was in the process of
running the file migration utility. I am having a problem
on step 3 - source and target. No matter how I login to
the Novell server the drives that I am trying to migrate
tell me <unavailable>. When I check the authentication
state for Novell it says it is using directory services. I
am using IPX and not IP on the Novell server. My Novell
client 32 version is 4.83 SP1. I am able to use windows
explorer and see the files that I am trying to migrate.
Any help would be appreciated.

Kevin Sullivan

Try upgrading to client 4.83 SP2. You can download it at
I tried several clients and had the same problem with all
of them. I also found that the resouces would become
unavailable to Windows Explorer after one or two access
attempts. I changed to 4.83SP2 at the recommendation of
Microsoft support, and that seems to have fixed the

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