Netware and NDS for NT migration to Windows 2003



Hi guys,

I have a migration issue that I am not sure where to begin with. I have a
client with Netware servers acting as the primary authentication, file/print
servers and NT 4 servers running NDS for NT that have Exchange installed for

So the users log into Novell and NDS for NT authenticates them for accessing
their email. The problem here is that each user has 2 accounts, 1 NT and 1

How do I approach migrating that over to 2003? Do I use services for Netware
or ADMT or a combination of both? I am tempted to just rebuild all the
accounts on the new server and start from scratch. Maybe that is the best
approach, not sure.



Why not just install eDirectory on NetWare and NT? This way, you have
one account, no Domains to be concerned with, and it's considerably
easier to manage. I've done this many times with no issues to speak of.

David Savoie

E-directory is not necessarily the solution as you will still needto manage
user accounts locally for NTFS permissions. Bit of a waste of time if you
ask me.
just my two cents.

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