migrating NetWare 5.1 to AD and Exchange



I've got a customer who currently has both NetWare 5.1 and Windows 2003
(running in interim-mode, it was an in-place upgrade of NT 4.0). The SFNW
tool set is great if you don't have a pre-populated AD in place.
Unfortunately since they were already an Exchange 5.5 shop, the Domain was
already pre-populated. I've tried using the scenario below:

1. create a temporary OU and place the current AD user accounts there (we'll
call it temp)
2. create an OU where the user accounts, groups, and NDS OUs will migrate to
(we'll call it NetWare)
3. I go through the motions of MSDSS (creating the log file).
4. I then delete the user accounts from the NetWare OU and move the AD user
accounts sitting in the temp OU to the NetWare OU in their place.
5. I then re-run MSDSS but do not create the log file. After its done, as I
understand it MSDSS will merge the NDS accounts to the AD accounts and I
should be able to look at a user account and see the group memberships from
NDS. It appears this works, except I have some user accounts that only have
Exchange distribution groups listed in their group memberships and none of
the NDS migrated groups.

What are other people doing to migrate from NDS to AD with an existing
Exchange infrastructure?

Would using Quest's NDS Migrator tool be better? Are there any other tools?
I know NetIQ used to make one but they no longer have it. Any help is
greatly appreciated.


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