Unable to migrate permissions


Edwin Garst

Hello all,

I am migrating from Novell 5.1 NDS to Small Business Server 2003 Premium. I
signed on as Administrator. I then installed Novell client32 version 4.83
on Windows. I then installed Services for Netware (SFN) 5.03 SP2 on
Windows. I experienced an installer hangup with the progress bar at 60% and
showing Status: Creating shortcuts. I waited 30 minutes and then aborted
the install and reinstalled using custom mode. This time I omitted the
password sync option and the installer completed normally. I believe the AD
schema updates were successful.

I have not installed any extra software on Novell.

I created a new OU to hold the converted objects. I also added an entry in
hosts to allow TCP/IP name resolution of the Novell server. I did not
change the AD mode of the server.

I started Msdss and created a new session. I selected Migration from NDS to
AD and checked the Migrate Files option. I selected the new OU in Windows
and proper Novell container. The tree looks like:

In pass one I migrated the Security OU. It was empty. In pass two I
migrated the corp organization. I received a warning the OU already
existed. Log 2 contains all the other security groups and users. It is a 3
page log.

I created the two new folders and shared them W2K style (everyone, full).

I then ran the File Migration Utility using Log 2. I selected to migrate
SYS and DATA\share. I received pre-migration non-fatal errors on the two
folders: "No matching ACE entries were found in the migration log for these
volumes. Doman Admins will be the default. Either no mapping file was
specified or none of the trustees were in the migration log."

I checked with the Novell administrator. They indicate that all permissions
are granted to individuals, not groups.

Is there some error in the log that is causing this problem?

Edwin Garst
Jun 30, 2005
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Did you ever get your problem resolved? We have a very similar install and are getting the same error. Any help would be useful.

Jerry Blanchard

In Disguise

Gotta ask - what was the business decision to move? What does the MS
platform offer that you could not get with your current OS or upgrade to
NetWare for Small Business?

No, I don't have a solution - I was just curious.


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