Migrating from Netware to Win2k in workgroup



Is there anyway to migrate files from Novell to Win2k server while
preserving ACLS without having AD setup? I don't have a very long list of
users and the ACLs aren't complex. I do have alot of files and would like to
see if there is a way to preserve the ACLs when I move the files over. I
considered setting up AD just so I could use MSDSS, but even in my simple
test AD/domain, I can't get MSDSS to work. Is there anyway to map Novell
users to local users on a 2k server in a workgroup?


In Disguise

Why not just install eDirectory on Windows? That way, you don't have to
work with M$'s p-poor AD.

Why move from the security of Fort Knox to one of a family picnic? Got
a death wish or a need to spend a lot of money for less performance /


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