How does gateway services for Netware work?



I am in the process of migrating my Netware infrastructure to a Windows 2003
infrastructure. I am using MSDSS and had the process all mapped out (direct
migration). But at the very end there was a hitch . Basically I was going
to implement a one week freeze on wiriting data to the Netware servers in
order to move everyone over to the domain.
So now I am trying to figure out a way to migrate all the users to the
domain without interrupting access to the Netware servers for even a little

I was wondering if the gateway services for netware would be an adequate
solution in the interim while everyone is moved over and I was wondering how
this works?

If this is not acceptable should I use the Novell client or the Micorosft
client for Netware to keep access to the Netware servers while people are
logging into the domain.


P.S. I know gateway services for netware does not work in Windows 2003 and I
would setup a separate Windows 2000 box for this purpose.


Wrong forum for my post. Intended to post it in the server.migration forum.


Joseph Baxter

Oddly...the migration forum we've both been on just told me to post over


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