Services for NetWare - File Migration Utility



Hi All:

We are in the middle of a migrating our 1600 user environment from NetWare
to Windows 2003. Our entire Directory Services database is now imported into
Active Directory and we are about 25% complete with having our workstations
join the new domain.

We went to a site this past weekend to migrate two NetWare servers to
Windows 2003 using Services for NetWare 5. The process is working well
however the File Migration Utility is taking FOREVER to migrate the data and
trustees. We started migrating 8GB Saturday at 4:00pm and after 36hours it's
only %60 complete.

Has anyone out there used the File Migration Utility (FMU) and had any of
these issues? Any other tips or advice using Services for NetWare would also
be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,



In my test lab I can move 1.3 GB in 8 minutes. Something is definately
wrong there. Is an anti-virus scanner running somewhere and chacking each
file as it is migrated/copied over??


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