NetWare 4.11 and GroupWise Migration tool confusion



I was wondering if you could bounce this off a migration alias. I'm working
at a customer site right now doing a migration from GroupWise 5.1 and
NetWare 4.11 to Windows 2003 AD and Exchange 2003. The client machines are
running Windows XP.

It's a small shop with only 40 users but they would like to do a staged
migration but I'm a little confused with the order of the migration tools
that need to be used as there seems to be some overlap

Question that I have:

What does the Exchange Migration tool and GroupWise connector not do, that
the Services for Netware does (Is it just the file migration)?

Does it matter which tool is run first? If I set up the Services for
Netware which creates user accounts in the Active Directory and copies
across some of the user files can I then just configure the GroupWise
connector and run the Migration tool to bring over the mailboxes and map to
the migrated user accounts.


Configure the GroupWise connector and run the migration tool to bring across
the mailboxes and create the AD accounts. Then at a later time use the SFNW
to then migrate over the user files.

The documentation for the GroupWise migration recommends setting the
GroupWise connector on a separate Exchange Server than the one the mailboxes
will reside. What are the reasons for that? Obviously in a small shop with
40 users they will only end up with 1 Exchange Server after the migration.
Is there any issue with using a workstation, installing W2003 and Exchange
on that workstation and the GroupWise Connector and using that for the
migration? Decommissioning it after the mailboxes have been migrated?

Just to be clear will the Migration Wizard pull across user created email
folders from the GroupWise mailboxes and create the subfolders in an
Exchange Mailbox? I couldn't seem to find a definitive answer on that
question. I believe it can.

Services for Netware 5.02

Is there an option to just copy the files during the migration (would like
to leave the originals in place?)

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