[DOS FTP] Can't abort data transfer using Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Break

Mar 9, 2015
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Hello all,
A question regarding to DOS FTP data transfer, here's the setup.

Server : Window 7 IIS FTP site
Client : Window 7 FTP client using DOS prompt

My purpose is trying to record the data speed value(Kbytes/sec.) showed on DOS client prompt,
so I create a data stream from Server to Client(i.e. get file from FTP server), for my experiments needed,
I need to shut down while data stream is transfering, hence I used Ctrl+C to stop file transfering and then
record the speed value.

Similarly, I create a data stream from Client to Server(i.e. put file to FTP server), but somehow I can't shut down
file tranfering by Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Break until the file has been transmitted completely, so that I can't observe the
speed value instantly.

Could anyone please explain why would this happen?
Any help will be appreciated!


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