Not all Outlook 2003 Contacts appearing in "To" list




I imported an old address book (SMTP) into Outlook 2003 via a CSV
file. Everything mapped correctly and displays correctly in the
Contacts folder in Outlook. Every imported contact has a first, last,
and full name, plus valid e-mail address. However, when I create a
new message in Outlook, and begin typing in the "To" field, only some
names appear, even though the Contacts data exist for all entries. If
I click on the To button and scroll through my contacts, the name/e-
mail address is there and I can proceed, but I would prefer to use the
type-ahead feature.

I only have one Contacts folder and no personal address book.
Contacts is flagged to be used as an address book in the Contacts
folder properties area. It is unclear to me why some names will not
appear when I am composing e-mail. Let me know if you need more info
to troubleshoot this issue.



Roady [MVP]

AutoSuggest is not the same as AutoComplete.

Typing in the To: line will only show addresses that you have used before;
it's a cache-> an AutoSuggest feature.

There is no such thing as AutoComplete in Outlook. What you can do is type a
few letters and press the Name Checking button or use CTRL+K (or in some
localized versions CTRL+M). This will then resolve matching contacts.


The information below comes directly from the Outlook Help feature. The key
words are TYPED BEFORE.

"AutoComplete is a feature which displays suggestions for names and e-mail
addresses as you begin to type them. These suggestions are possible matches
from a list of names and e-mail addresses that you have typed before, known
as the AutoComplete name list."

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