Norton INet Security 2007 & Windows Defender



Can anyone tell me if there are potential conflicts in running Norton
Internet Security 2007 simultaneously with Windows Defender? I thought it
prudent to check before installing Defender. Thanx



Bill Sanderson

I can't speak to this precise combination. In the past, some Norton
versions have complained loudly that Windows Defender was attempting to
interfere (can't remember the precise message)--with their operation--when
Windows Defender was running scheduled scans. This wasn't a real problem,
just a false alarm, but it was annoying.

Windows Defender installs and uninstalls reasonably cleanly, so it shouldn't
be hard to try.


Hello HD,

Here are my two cents.

Using Vista Premium, I install last saturday NIS 2008,

WD and NIS2008 are working with out any problem.

WD is AutoUpdating with out problem, the Autoscan is working daily.

NIS2008 is AutoUpdating. I'm waiting for the first Autoscan tonight at 8.00
PM. I run a Quick and a Full scan manual , with out any problems.

I let NIS2008 take over with the FireWall.

So I repit, No flags from each other

I hope you have the same luck I have so far

I have the NIS2007 with promo. The expiration came and I run only with Vista
FireWall and WD for a few months until last saturday. I think I like better
2008 than 2007. but this is IMHO

Good luck
- -- --

In order to have wisdom we must have ignorance.----Theodore Dreiser




--I knew there was a piece of that I forgot to get to...

Suggest cleaning up the system (clearing out all the Temp/Tmp folders, and
included all offline content, clearing the browser TIF, Delete Cookies , do a
Disk CleanUp.

Click the Start button . In the Search box, type Disk Cleanup, and then, in
the list of results, click Disk Cleanup.

I'd recommend re-downloading Windows® Defender
, and saving to a known location--like the desktop.

After the download is complete, disable real-time protection by your
antivirus for long enough to do the installation. please disable or turn off
as much other software that always runs as you can--real time antivirus
scanning, any other antispyware software, (Stop all programs that are open in
the bottom taskbar) etc.

I hope this post is helpful, let us know how it works ºut.
- -- --

The long days are no happier than the short ones. -----Philip J. Bailey

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