Windows Defender + Kaspersky Antivirus 2010



Is Windows Defender compatible with Kaspersky Antivirus 2010? I have a new
laptop with windows 7 home premium. When I installed KAV2010 I did not
receive any error messages about Windows Defender. However I did start
having some problems with Kaspersky.I disabled Defender and uninstalled ASUS
Data Security Manager which came with my computer. Everything is now running
fine, but I don't know if both programs were a problem or just the ASUS
program. Is anyone running Windows Defender with Kaspersky? Is it safe to
just have Kaspersky without Defender?

Bill Sanderson

You need to ask Kaspersky. Usually, of another anti-malware program has the
functionality of Windows Defender, it will directly disable Windows Defender
from starting--both as part of the installation process, and on each

So--you could enable Windows Defender and see what happens--but if it is
prevented from starting, you can probably assume that it is Kaspersky that
is doing that, and you should leave it disabled. Best to get information
directly from Kaspersky, though.

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