Defender Not Compatible with Norton Internet Security 2007



I received the following message when upgrading from Norton Internet Security
2005 to Norton Internet Security 2007: "The programs listed below are
incompatible with this Norton product..." and it listed Windows Defender.
Can anyone share more information about this "incompatibility"? Thanks.




Dave M

Rick take a look back on the 22nd of Sept. in this newsgroup for this
thread while you're waiting for a possible update to your question:

"Norton Internet Security 2007 wants me to remove Windows Defender"


Rick-I am running Norton Internet Security 2006 and also feel probably not
enough for sypware. Does anyone feel OK to run SpyBot Search and Destroy
with NIS? This only runs when you do a scan.




Norton is a resource hog, it can severely cripple your desktop environment,
doubling and often quadrupling the amount of time for certain applications
to open.
I would suggest you run Norton's removal tool to make sure you have
completely removed this product:

Then get a refund :)
Here are proven and reliable (free) alternatives:

Real-time Anti-Virus Scanning Engines.

Select one (1) only!

Active Virus Shield - Kaspersky Labs, courtesy of AOL - FREE

**Do NOT install the AOL security toolbar, most experts consider it to be

AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic - FREE

AVG - Grisoft
( - FREE

Avast! - ALWIL Software - FREE

Free trial version for one full year

Special Offer for Microsoft Customers: 6 Months
Free Trial Subscription for F-Secure Anti-Virus!
It is considered imprudent to have two fully installed
anti virus applications installed at the same time.
Do not run more than one real-time anti-virus scanning engine!
Ensure that the automatic update facility is engaged only for
the real-time scanning engine. Also, if you decide downloading one
of the above av applications disable the e-mail scanning function
during installation as it provides no additional protection.
In fact, most of experts believe that scanning incoming and outgoing
mail causes e-mail file corruption.
On-Demand Anti-Virus/Spyware Scanning Engines (non-viral malware...)

Select all!

Bit Defender - FREE

Ewido anti-spyware - FREE

a-squared 2.0 - FREE

Ad-Aware - FREE

Spybot S&D - FREE

SUPERAntispyware - FREE
WindowsDefender Release Notes

Windows® Defender x86 - FREE

Windows® Defender x64 - FREE
The effectiveness of an individual AV scanners can be wide-ranging and
oftentimes a collection of AV scanners is best.
There isn't one software that cleans and immunizes you against everything.
That's why you need multiple products to do
the job i.e. overlap their coverage - one may catch what another may miss.

Be sure to keep the on-demand av scanner(s) (manually) updated on a daily
and perform a full scan weekly with alternate scanning engines.
For a more 'challenging' infection (viral malware...)

Download Art's KAVDOS.EXE - FREE (Abandon/CareWare)


David's MULTI_AV - FREE (Donation/Charity/CareWare) or
MULTI_AV.EXE from the URL --
Additional Instructions:
After the software is downloaded and updated, it is suggested scanning
the system in Safe Mode.
Learn to practice Safe Hex

So How Did I Get Infected Anyway?

Good luck :)

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