No sound Icon after reboot after installing IE8


Jerry Cole

I decided to install IE8, I was running IE6. After minor tweaking
everything seemed to work OK with IE8, except, my "Sound Icon" is now
missing from my systray on bottom right. Sound is OK, just the icon.

I can get the icon back by going to the Control Panel under "Audio and
Sounds Devices Properties" and untick "Place Volume Icon on the Toolbar"
with a blank, then apply, then tick it again with a "check mark" then apply
and the Sound Icon reappears on the Toolbar.

Here's the problem: Upon reboot, the Sound Icon goes away and I have to
repeat para 2 to get it back. I see many proposed solutions out in cyber
world, but all seem convoluted.

This all seemed to start upon the installation of IE8.

Any straight forward solution out there that you can offer?

Jerry Cole


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