No screensaver will work on Windows Vista


Keven J. Nielsen

I cant get any screen saver (even blank screen) to work now that I have
installed Windows Vista; my display will not shut off either and it is set
in the Power scheme to shut off after 5 minutes. Everything worked properly
when I had Windows XP home on my computer. I have a PC Chips M861G v1.6 MB
and a NVIDIA GeForce2 MX 100/200 video card. AMD Sempron 3100+ processor
and 1.5 GB DDR400 Ram.

If anyone knows how to get a screen saver to work on Window Vista, I would
like to hear from you

Thank You


Bob Eyster

It sounds like something is running in the background preventing the
screensaver from starting. Check your Task Manager and see if you see
something that should not be running?


This has been a known problem for some time. I had the problem which I
solved by unplugging my usb internet phone. Other users have had problems
caused by wireless hardware such as a wireless mouse. Try unplugging some of
your devices and see if the screensaver comes to life.


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