screensaver will not work




i have my screensaver setting set to 1min but after 1 min the screen saver
does not show up. i am using a thinkpad t61p laptop with vista ultimate. my
power settings are set to energy star:

on battery

turn off display = 5 mins
put computer to sleep = 10 mins

plugged in

turn off display = 30 mins
put computer to sleep = 2 hrs

my comptuer is plugged in. i played around with the 'turn off display'
setting and set it to 1 min. it only dims the display but there is no screen
saver (password protected). any suggestions??



Here's some ideas:

The screen saver may not activate or will exit intermittently for several
-Power management is enabled and configured to activate before the screen
-If the computer has a tuner card, the television tuner may be active.
-An anti-virus utility is currently running an active scan.
-Third-party wireless keyboards and mice may affect screen saver performance.
-A background application is preventing the screen saver from activating.
-Ensure all available video driver and software updates have been downloaded
and installed..
-Ensure all available operating system patches and updates have been
downloaded and installed..

Two things you can try:
1) Change screen saver slide show to Classic.

2) If SP1 was installed check computer manufacturer for any drivers or BIOS
updates that may clear up SP1 Related issues. Example: Sony Vaio offered
updates to its Mobile Intel 945 Express chipset graphics driver.

Hope this helps.



the funny thing is that i don't recall doing anything...but now it works.
here is what i did. i had the ribbons screen saver. i changed it to mystify
and waited for 1 min and viola...the screen saver works. now i put back on
ribbons and it works. least it works so i am happy. thanks for
your reply oscar. really appreciate it!


Glad its working.

(I had troubles with a few months ago until I updated my BIOS (SP1 issues.)
Now it works exactly as advertised.)

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