Vista sleep stopped working



The sleep function was workign great for me for the first 2-3 months of
having Vista. However, something has changed in the past few months and now
my PC never goes to sleep. I have tried uninstalling any software recently
installed, but still having no luck.

When I hit sleep, the montior will shut off but my PC will never shut off.
Sometimes, the monitor will come back on to the log in screen too. But that
doesn't seem to happen as often (so maybe I removed the software that was
doign that).

I even tried to set my power options to enter sleep mode after 1 min.
Nothing happens. I then change my settings to turn off the display after 1
min and then sleep after 2 mins. After 1 min my screen turns off correctly,
but once again my PC will never go to sleep...even after waiting another 10

I have checked my network card properities to make sure they cannot wake the

Any one have any ideas? Is there a log (Event Log?) that I can check to
maybe find the issue.


Marco Desloovere

dkhunt said:
I have checked my network card properities to make sure they cannot wake the

No, disable this, restart your PC and try again.
This cured the sleep problem in my Vista Premium.



Fixed it.

It was the advanced power option for multimedia. It was set to put PC in
away mode which I guess prevents sleep mode. After setting that to allow PC
sleep, my sleep mode works again.

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