No dial tone



Using XP Home, fax printer, analog phone line and Conexant
analog modem (on the HCL list), I can receive faxes. I
cannot send faxes. I get a "No dial tone detected"
message. When I use the modem troubleshooter, at the
screen about disabling call waiting I get what appear to
be MS Windows' high order (upper 128) ASCII characters
instead of numbers in the small window. At the next screen
about using a 1-800- 8573121 test phone number, there is
preceding the test number what appears to be a sentence
(no idea what it says) also in ASCII characters. Since
the troubleshooter is popping up strange characters
instead of numbers, I suspect this may be related my can't-
send problem. Has anyone had this problem or anything
similar ? If so, did you find a solution? If so, I would
appreciate feedback on what the solution is/was. Thanks.



Vibha Rathi [MSFT]

This looks like a problem with your modem. First, check your phone line. You
can do so using -
Start Menu ->Programs -> Accessories -> Communication ->

If you are able to successfully dial a number, your modem is fine. In that
case it has possibly entered a state where it can receive only. Not sure how
to check that however.
Also, make sure you have enabled the device for sending.(this is enabled by
default, but do check nevertheless). You can do this from the Fax Printer
Configuration menu in Fax Console and clicking on the Modem's properties.
Vibha Rathi
Microsoft Printing,Imaging and Fax Team

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Why are you still using such unhandy thing as Hyper Terminal? Recently
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Direct link for Win95 version downloading:
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