No devices installed in Device manager



When I open Device manager on my laptop. It shows not a single installed
device. No sound card, no usb Hub, no video: Nothing. Somehow Vista has
decided to get rid of all the information about the devices on the system. I
want them back! How do I convince Vista that I do have a sound card?


Hi Robert,

In Device Manager, Under the View Menu, is Devices by Type checked?

All the best,


Robert, I have the exact same problem, except I have Windows XP on a Dell
3000, with SoundMax Integrated Digital Audio. I have spent hours trying to
resolve this problem, to no avail. I have done everything, anyone and
everyone has suggested. (Oh, and by the way SG your suggestion didn't help
either,) but thanks anyway. Under the general tab of SoundMax properties, the
device type, Sound, Video, game controllers. Manufacture, Analog Devices Inc.
Location PCI bus O, device 31, function 5 ( have no idea what that means, as
I am not good in the technical area) I have a code 10, device cannot start.
THere is a yellow exclamation mark on the SoundMax Digital Audio. Under
sounds & Audio devices properties, in volume, it shows no audio device and
everthing is grey, as well as the audio and voice tabs, so no adjustments
can be done. When I click on Sounds And Audio I receive a message "there are
no active mixer available. To install mixer device go to control panel, click
printers and Other Hardwarec and then click add Hardware." There is no such
thing under printers on this computer. If ANYONE can help me solve this
problem, I would appreciate it very much. I have no idea what else to do
except take it to a shop & pay for Microsofts Screwup.( PS,all of this
happened when I downloaded a MS update.) Thanks Toots1945

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