Vista Ultimate x64 (SP1) - No Audio Device Installed


Jason Lo Presto

Hello everyone,

I am having a problem getting any sound card to work in Vista SP1 (64 bit

I have three (3) audio devices to test on:
Asus Sonar D2X -
Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme Audio
RealTek High Definition Audio (onbaord)

All three manufacturers claim the support Vista 64 bit. I have installed all
of the latest drivers via the manufacturers website. Even tried some beta
drivers. (Yes, I've disbaled the on board audio via the BIOS).

With each attempt Windows Device Manager correctly identifies each audio
device and lists the proper driver version. However, the sound icon is "x'd"
out and when I open the volume mixer I get "No Audi Device is Installed". I
have tried restarting a million times and also tried putting the PC to sleep
several times, nothing works.

My hardware is as follows:
HP Pavilion (Purchased 4 weeks ago)
Intel Quad Core Extreme Processors with 12mb Cache
SATA Drives with a split backplane
2 RAID 1 Arrays
756 MB NVIDIA Video Card

Does anyone have any ideas? I also have probelms with basic services not
starting. I am ready to re-image a copy of XP x64 and say goodbye to VISTA
for good.

Please help.

Colin Barnhorst

What is HP support saying about it? It may be a hardware defect needing

Jason Lo Presto

Hi Colin,

HP Support is giving me the drivers that came with the system. They really
cannot help me since I setup a RAID array and installed my own copy of Vista

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