New type of game system (maybe new xbox)



Ive spent forever trying to reach some 1 this is a million dollar idea i just
want to see it made it is my dream

i have an idea for a type of new xbox i had to come up with an invention for
a school assignment and i think it is really good i dont know how much you
have to do with the xbox but i think you could make my idea happen it is an
xbox type it doesnt have to be named xbox i called it an x-cade but anyways
it will have two disc trays one for games and one for dvds this will allow
you to skip errors where your drive will screw up and say dvd and other
things like that when really you have a game in the drive another thing is
the hard drive will be in the front of the system so you can have a vent
space on the side for better cooling although there will be vents in various
spots it will also be able to system link through wifi technology that way
you dont have to move your cables around to play with your friends, next for
your controlers they will be however you like the buttons, the xbox 360 set
up is great but the only differnce is the controler will have fans in the
hanle to cool your hands when playing for a long time my most FAVORITE part
is this instead of having a tv you will have a wireless reciever in the
controler/system that will send the signal to a headset you will wear this
head set will have sensors on the top bottom side and other side they will
allow you to look around in the game with the headset it will make you feel
like you were in the game giving you a virtual reality feeling for instince
call of duty would be great for it with the sensors on the headset you wont
have to use your joystick on your controler to look around by the sensors
being on the headset you will look left for left right for right up for up
and down for down this will be a great feature allowing you to feel as if you
were there and want to play more this will also be a great feature for games
like nascar and motorcross games giving you the real feeling i think this
idea will make millions from all the kids buying it thats just how great it
will be yet it will be a reasonable price if you have any questions about the
system or headset or you find flaws i would love to work them out with you i
spent a great deal of time thinking about this and trying to get this heard
although i dont have a prototype i have a blueprint for the exterior i dont
want any money for the idea i just want to see it made and i know your the
people that can make it happen i would love to hear your opinions about this
it would mean the world to me so please message me back for more details or
and opinion or even a comment this will be great and possible my idea extends
a little farther but i didnt wanna put all of it here PLEASE VOTE FOR MY IDEA
(e-mail address removed) thats my main email adress

This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the
suggestions with the most votes. To vote for this suggestion, click the "I
Agree" button in the message pane. If you do not see the button, follow this
link to open the suggestion in the Microsoft Web-based Newsreader and then
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John W. Vinson

i dont know how much you
have to do with the xbox

Nothing at all, nor does anyone on this newsgroup except by sheer coincidence.

Newsgroups are peer to peer volunteer support areas. Microsoft employees don't
make much of an appearance here.

And this forum is for the Microsoft Office Pro database program "Microsoft
Access", not for Xbox or for general suggestions.

Learning to use capitalization, punctuation, and complete sentences would make
your arguments more persuasive. So would posting them in an appropriate place.

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