Best Current Games (According to Gamespot)


sugar 'n spikes
Mar 5, 2002
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Website Gamespot recently published a list of ‘must play’ games to play before the new gen of games consoles kick in and here it is. If you want to read the part reviews on each game here’s a link: Best Current games

I’ve listed PS4 games only seperately as I’m only interested in Xbo and PC Games.

The only new game I’ve bought recently has been Doom Eternal and it’s fast, sometimes difficult and very good (imo). Thinking about buying Star Wars Jedi fallen Order as it’s currently on Sale for half price at Green Man gaming.

The Best Current Gen Games You Need To Play (According to Gamespot)

1) Apex Legends | Xbox One, PS4, PC (Multiplayer Battle Royale)
2) Call Of Duty: Warzone | PS4, Xbox One, PC (Multiplayer Battle Royale, Free)
3) Death Stranding | PS4, PC
4) Destiny 2 | PS4, Xbox One, PC, Stadia (MMO)
5) GTA Online | PS4, Xbox One, PC (aggressive players can make for an unpleasant experience)
6) Hollow Knight | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac (Hard difficulty)
7) Horizon Zero Dawn | PS4, PC
8) Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain | PS4, Xbox One, PC
9) Nier: Automata | PS4, Xbox One, PC
10) Outer Wilds | PS4, Xbox One, PC (Reported to be difficult)
11) Quantum Break | Xbox One, PC
12) Rare Replay | Xbox One
13) Red Dead Redemption 2 | PS4, XBox One, PC, Stadia
14) Resident Evil 7 | PS4, Xbox One, PC
15) Rocket League | Xbox One, PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch
16) Stardew Valley | PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, Android, iOS
17) Titanfall 2 | PC, PS4, Xbox One
18) What Remains Of Edith Finch | PS4, PC
19) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt | Xbox One, PS4, PC
20) Yakuza 0 | PS4, Xbox One, PC

PS4 Only:

1) Final Fantasy VII Remake | PS4
2) Ghost of Tsushima | PS4
3) Persona 5 Royal | PS4
4) Tetris Effect | PS4

I quite fancy CoD Warzone but read here that it’s full of hackers so I don’t know.

Death Stranding is on my Steam wishlist but even in a current Steam sale at 25% off it’s still £43 which goes against the grain.

I have Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain for both Xbox and PC and on both platforms I’ve played through the (long) introductory level and am at the real start of the game where you’re on horseback looking out over the countryside in Afghanistan. I will probably go back to this.

Nier Automata I’m playing through for the second time, possibly my favourite game ever.

Rare Replay for Xbox I tried and it didn’t appeal to me.

Red Dead Redemption 2 I have for Xbox and I’m not that impressed with it, I’ve played about 4 hours.

I’d been thinking about buying Stardew Valley but the fact it’s described as a Farming Simulator put me off. However, it gets consistently good reviews and it’s cheap so I may indulge.

Titanfall 2 I have for PC and I played a lot of it and thought it was good but I’m stuck at a part where you have to run up a wall and jump at just the right moment. I’ve tried this manoeuvre at least 100 times now and always fail then got fed up with it so I quit.

What Remains Of Edith Finch I have for PC and I’ve played part of it – it’s weird. I shall probably go back to this one.

The Witcher 3 I have played a lot of and imo it’s excellent. I still play it occasionally and will one day finish it. Can often be picked up for around £11 with all DLC and for that price I would recommend it.

I tried a Yakuza game once (for Xbox) and thought it was tosh.


Feb 23, 2002
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Death Stranding on my wishlist too, but it's also too pricey for me at the moment. Looks like it's going to be good though :).

I'm surprised that MGS5:TPP is still on that list - it's 5 years old now and I've not heard much about it for a long time. I did really enjoy this though, would have really liked a sequel.

CoD Warzone is pretty good in theory - but I get my ass kicked in seconds playing this, which was a little disappointing - so I've not played it that much. Apex on the other-hand is fast paced, free and fun - seems much more balanced too.

Did you try Titanfall 2 online at all @floppybootstomp - it's really good fun too!


Jan 31, 2005
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Ah good to see you back Flops, I thought the other day I'd not seen you about for a while.

The only game on that list I've played is Rocket League! I've got Witcher 3 (the classic, pick it up cheap in a Steam sale and forget about it!) and GTA but never played the online side of it.

I'm very tempted by the new Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1+2 bundle, I played the hell out of the originals back in the day.

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