Network Print Issue



Hello everyone, here's hoping someone can help. I have a user (running XP
SP3), who has this issue where when she tries to print to any network printer
(whether installed on server and shared, or installed locally by IP),
whatever application she's in hangs up. It happens in all apps, and all
network printers. No other users are having this issue when printing to
these same printers. She has a printer at her desk(USB) which this does not
happen with. so far i've tried: deleting drivers and ports,
reinstalling/remapping printers, removing network card from computer,
reinstalling. Here's where it's weird, if i log onto the computer as a
different user (for instance, the local admin account) the issue does not
happen. Coming across this obviously i thought deleting and recreating the
users profile on the computer would take care of it, nope, same thing. I'm
at my wits end, anyone have any ideas, i'd love to hear them (or see them)
Thank you.

R. McCarty

Have you checked the Application and System Event logs >?
Also what is the value of the printer's DefaultSpoolDirectory in
the CurrentControlSet for any of the network printers.

PA Bear [MS MVP]

[[Forwarded to microsoft.public.windowsxp.print_fax newsgroup via


Is the network on a domain or is it just a Peer to Peer? As far as
recreating the user account is concerned, you need not only to delete
the account but also the configuration attached to that account. I
suggest recreate a completely new account with an underscore or period.
For example, USERNAME could be recreated as USER_NAME or simply USER
NAME. XP does allow a space in username.



Thank you for all of your suggestions. In response to your questions: R
McCarty, event viewer doesn't show aything out of the ordinary, can you
explain where in the registry you are talking about, i'm comfortable in there
but am not sure exactly where to navigate to, there are multiple entries with
"currentcontrolset". 201, we are a domain here, i didn't just delete the
account, i made sure the folder was gone in documents and settings too, was
there something i should have done in addition to this? Bob I, I did try
logging on as the user on a different computer and the issue does not follow.

R. McCarty

- Under each individual printer entry will be a key/value for
DefaultSpoolDirectory ( in most cases the default value
will point to C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Printers )

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