Netware 4 to Windows 2k3 *NEED HELP BAD*

Jul 20, 2005
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Hello all I am in a bad bad state.. We are a smaller company 200 or so users. Currently, we are running NW4 along with Exchange 2003 which means we already use AD. We are going to totally move away from netware and migrate to a 2k3 server. Now I ran the File Migration Utility on our DC that has 2000 AD and setup the source (ND server) to the target (2k3 server) The Files ALL came over with no problems, the problem is that rights are not moving over at all. We could do it manually but were talking over 4 million objects to assign rights. Am I doing something wrong? Please help me as soon as possible. My Director is a tool and knows much of nothing but manages to inform me daily on the importance of this migration.. I am in bad need of assistance.. Any insight you guys could give would be huge and I will be thankful..

Fingers Crossed

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