XP Slow login to mixed Netware/AD environment.



Hey People,

I have an ongoing problem on our network, which is pretty mixed in it's own
We have primarily a Netware network, with a mixed 2K/2K3 AD domain and some
Linux servers.

Our DNS is on a Linux server with a backup on a Netware server. There is no
DNS running on Windows at all. These DNS configurations have all the
Microsoft AD records and are dynamically updated by AD.

Recently, after rebooting the main DC (2K3 with most FSMO roles) several
WinXP clients take about 12 mins to login. The Netware authentication seems
to go OK, but it seems that the AD part is the slow bit. Windows 2000 PCs
have no issue.

Sounds like DNS doesn't it? However it has worked fine previously. Only
other change of late may have been an updated Novell client on the PCs.

If anyone can suggest anything I'd be eternally grateful!!

Ryan Hanisco

Is this a case of SMB signing? While it does look like a DNS issues,
NSLOOKUP will quickly evaluate this. If the 2k3 server is new to the
environment or you just applied SP4 to 2000, look at signing as a potential

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