MSN Messenger video chat problems



I've been having some trouble with webcamming with a friend of mine using the
newest version of MSN Messenger. I have a sony vaio laptop with an old usb
IBM webcam. My friend has a samsung netbook with a built in webcam as well
as a dell XPS with 2 separate webcams (logitech stx communicate, and some
microsoft webcam).

We are able to webcam when she uses her netbook just fine. however when we
try to webcam with her XPS using either of the 2 usb webcams, neither of us
can see my videostream, but we can see hers fine.

This puzzles me because it appears that both webcams work fine. Mine works
as evidenced by our ability to webcam normally when she's on her samsung
netbook. Both of her webcams work because we can both see her videostream
when she's on the XPS. We just can't see my videostream when she's on the
XPS. it appears as a gray screen where my videostream is usually displayed.

Has anyone encountered this, and what's going on?

Andrew E.

If MSN messenger is used then windows messenger should be disabled
in add/remove windows components,chk if the box is clear...


Tried it, but it didn't work :-/

My videostream is still a gray box when I webcam with her while she's on her
XPS, but her videostream is fine.

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