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my friend and I have window XP and MSN messenger 6.2. We both have webcams
and headphones. The webcam works great but our audio is not good at all. For
the longest time before the webcams we couldn't use voice at all. We could
not hear each other at all. This seems to be the case still. Last night we
did manage to get some audio going but it was intermittent. Going in and out
with hearing a delayed echo in the background. I could hear myself on her end
and the same with my friend.

We were shocked to even get some audio and thought we had the problem fixed
but this isn't the case. We have both checked all hardware on our own
computers and with the messenger audio and webcam wizard. All seem to be in
order. We can hear all sounds on our computers using our headphones but not
when using messenger except what I mentioned being intermittent.

Months ago we could hear each other just fine. I used headphones and my
friend used a microphone then changed to headphones . It was about then we
started to have problems with messenger. My friend went and got new
headphones buit this didn't help.

I could still hear all my sounds and I think this is the case with my
firned. However I know she did have some trouble with her computer and could
do much with it. She couldn't hear anyone else at one point. So she had XP
installed and all is working for her again all except this...

Can anyone help us with this. We have checked all we know to check over and
over. This is my life line being unable to do much with MS. This is how I
stay close with my friend and this is important to us. We can still type but
to speak would be so much nicer. I can't drive anymore so I really feel out
of the loop.

Thanks for any help given...
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Lady Driver

Joel Estes

Not too sure, but you may have your system misconfigured. It does not seem
so, since you have intermittent success, but one thing, Keep your
microphone away from your speakers, that will solve the feedback problem,
i.e. hearing yourself and such. However, click the little volume icon in
your system tray and then select Options/Properties and make sure the
microphone is NOT checked in the Playback mode, but IS checked in the
Recording mode.




Thank you for your help. I did check this out and yes there was a check mark
in Playback. I unchecked this but have to wait for my girlfriend to get back
online to try it out. In Recording it is checked as you said it should be.

I sure hope this solves the problems. You mentioned my system might be
misconfigured, I sure hope this isn't the case.

I will let you know how this turns out and will also tell my friend to check
her settings. I only chat with her been my best friend but like my sister.

Stay Tuned...............


Joel, I gather that you folks have found a way to have 2-way Webcam
video and 2-way Audio at the same time. I can't tell from your messages
how to set this up.

Using MSN Messenger 6.2 .... in Webcam mode.....
can you tell me specifically where to find this Playback etcetera
location, and the recorder and playback modes?

Thanks you...... Bill Lurie

Joel Estes

Well first off we DO NOT USE THE "WEBCAM" FUNCTION, but use the Start a
Video Conference!! You can use the Webcam, but it is not as good as the
Start Video.

Second the way to locate the system settings, double click the "Volume"
Icon in your System Tray. Then select Options/Properties. There you will
find the settings. In the Playback Mode, you do not want the microphone
checked, However in the Recording Mode you do want it checked.



Thanks for the prompt note, Joe.....but I *AM* on XP/SP2
so I don't have to use Webcam function.

So I should be doing the Start Video application, but I sure wish I
had some specific steps to follow, that you have found to work,
for me and a few others who are watching us converse here....


Joel, can you lead me to the things I check and uncheck a
different way? I have no "Volume" in my System Tray.
Maybe in IE I might, but I do Mozilla. Thanks.


Thanks, Joel....those directions got me to where you said,
and everything was correct. Now when I can find somebody
on MSN Messenger to test (Start a Video Conference)....
I'll try..............again.
Bill L.


I had the same problem.
The only way i solved was to get rid of my head phones and
camera. I bought Logitech Quick Cam with the microphone
built in it for $46 at Best buy. No more sound problems.

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