MSN mail (hotmail?) problem


Richard in AZ

I have a senior customer with MSN through Qwest DSL.
Her mail address is (e-mail address removed). which is a modification of hotmail.
I recently reformatted and reinstalled XP home with SP2 on her older Gateway.
I set a shortcut to her MSN mail and it worked fine for about 2 months.

Now when she tries the link it asks for her password and as soon as she enters it she get an error
"C:\windows\system32\lsass.exe has encountered a problem and is going to close windows in 32
and it does.

I used malwarebytes, superantispyware and spybot on her computer today (updated) in the safe mode
and none of them found a threats. She has AVG 8 and Windows Defender running and they also come up

She can get on the Internet just fine. I then discovered that from the MSN home page, the link to
"Hotmail" brings up her MSN mail without a sign-in and without error. I then made a new shortcut to
the desktop for this page and it seemed to work. However, now she called and reports that the new
shortcut gives here exactly the same error. I instructed her to go to the MSN home page and try
the HOTMAIL link and that worked.

She get confused and I want to make the system as simple as possible. However, anytime she has to
use the Qwest login, the error comes up. Of course Qwest tech support tells her it is a computer
problem and not theirs, and it may be. I have reviewed the error on Google and a Groups.Google, but
don't find an obvious solution.

Any suggestions? The customer is about 20 miles away, so quick trips are not possible.

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