Movie Maker with 2000 ?


New Orleans Novice


Windows Movie Maker only works with XP and not 2000: I could not find the
2000 DL page for movie maker.

Thanks for your help and tips ; Novice @ New Orleans Louisiana


cause 2000 was considered more of a business system and business owners
often don't want employees playing with things like making movies...


if you copy the Movie Maker program folder from windows Millennium ( need a
valid license of course ) over to a 2000 it will work to launch the
moviemk.exe and operate the program as intended, it will recognize most USB
cameras for import.

If someone figures out the cab files where the files on the ME disks are
located it would be easy to make a setup.exe out of the files.

MovieMaker in Millennium is essentially the same as in XP Gold and Sp1, only
with SP2+ they changed the app to another version with more effects.

You only need MediaPlayer 7 or higher installed, and those are available for

Another hint : The downloadable Moviemaker 2.6 for Vista ( which is again
nothing more than the XPSP2 one )can be used to install on Server 2003 if
the NT version string check is removed from the MSI file :)


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