Movie Maker Stress!!


Lqqkme2 the boards about Movie Maker for Windows XP. Have gathered there
are tons of errors with the program & have read posts on fixes to get your
movie file saved/burned. I should have found these boards before I put in
100+ hours into creating a gift, that is now 3 months late...ugh! So, I know
this is a board for XP, but am trying to now re-do the movie project on my
laptop that runs Windows 7 (as I'm still trying to fix my XP project to
attempt a save). I search for Movie Maker on my laptop, can't find it
ANYWHERE, go online to download the Windows Live package, and it says I
already have Movie Maker (amongst others I don't see) on my laptop. Can
anyone help me open Movie Maker for Windows 7??? What a freak'n headache
this has become!


My website's Setup Movie Maker > Windows 7, and the Windows 7 and Windows
Live sections of the site might help.

If you've done 100 hours of editing in XP, it might be easiest to find an XP
system to finish it rather than using Windows 7.


Thanks for the info.

I have tried using another computer with Windows XP. I have uploaded all
picture files, video files used in my project, audio files used, and uploaded
the movie maker storyboard file. Once I open my movie maker project, Red X's
are on some pictures, not all even though I have the file pictures uploaded
to the new computer, all audio files had red X's as well as all my cut video.
I do believe my husband was able to manually find each picture & import it
back in to MM, but he is unable to put Itunes on his system where my files
are from, therefore no luck with the audio upload.

Can I ask you....If I try to work with what I have on my XP system......this
is what I've gotten from reading posts on this board in order to save this
darn project....

I currently have video files in mpeg-1 format, pictures are jpeg format, and
audio is mp3. My movie is @ 120min long & does have transitions. I was
finally able to save part of my movie by splitting the movie up & read to put
them back together (or at least would be on 1 dvd as different "Chapters)
that I should save the file as AVI format. Once I played back the video on
my computer the audio was choppy & at every transition (it like paused
causing my audio to wierd out) & the video seemed choppy when the camera
moved. I am currently replacing my audio format to wmv (does this shorten
the time of the songs? I'm noticing it's not matching up with my
pictures/video, like I had it.) Hope to figure out how to reload my original
video files to an avi format (??? or should I keep them mpeg-1) This is my
first project like this & know nothing about formating/uploading anything :)
Just learning from the boards as this project has become a BEAST :) Any help
or direction would be greatly appreciated!!!!! I just want this to save in a
great quality....after all my hours spent doing this I want it to be great!


Hi again....

Here are some comments about your various items:

- Files in iTunes typically don't work in Movie Maker so that shouldn't come
into play..

- Clicking on a clip with a red X and browsing to the new location should
resolve the broken link. It'lll automatically resolve any of the other
broken links to source files in the same folder... worst case would be
having to setup the folder structure on the other computer to align with the
structure on the computer used to create the project.

- MPEG1, JPEG and MP3 files should work OK. If not, conversion to other file
types would be needed.

- Saving projects or sections of projects to high-quality WMV files will
retain their durations better than saving to DV-AVI files.... Saving the
music track full of MP3's to high quality WMA file and using the WMA file
instead is quick and easy to do, and might help resolve any syncing issues.

- Choppy playback of project previews or DV-AVI files might not indicative
of a problem with the saved movie. Testing by saving to a Pocket PC choice
would be a better of the quality of the saved movie.

Yes, you must like challenges.... doing this for a first project.

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