Move local user profile to network user profile


Ron Hinds

I just added a Windows Server 2003 domain to my network. I then joined my XP
Pro SP2 system to the domain. I want to move all of the settings of my
original, local user profile to my new, domain user profile. But when I go
to the My Computer | System Properties | Advanced | User Profiles and try to
copy one profile to the other, it says that I must first delete everything
from that folder (Documents and Settings\User.Domain). However, I am unable
to delete everything from that folder due to sharing violations. It doesn't
matter if I logon as the original user, the new user, the local
Administrator, or the Domain Administrator. Is this just not possible, and
if not, why was the option included?

As a side note, I tried to just XCOPY the files - now in User Profiles it
says the old profile is twice as large as it was ;-(


Run the file transfer wizard from the xp cd,select the files/folders,etc to
save to a new folder that you created,once thru,move to cd...

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