Sharing a local user profile among multiple users in XP Pro



Hi there.
 Okay, I've got a Windows XP Pro machine and I'm the only person who uses
it, so the only user accounts I want to have on the box are the
built-in "Administrator" account and a limited user account that I do my
day to day things on. I want both accounts' profiles to have identical
settings and configurations in every way, apart from the fact that one is
an Admin account and the other is a restricted user account; however, I
don't want to have to manually configure all my desired settings on both
user accounts--I'd much rather just do it once and then make my changes
apply to the both of them.
 So here's my question: is there some way to share one local user account
profile between two or more local user accounts? I know how to copy all the
settings from one profile to another (Control Panel > System > Advanced >
User Profiles Settings > Copy To) but I don't want to have to re-copy the
profile every time I decide to change something, which is what I'd have to
do if I used that method. If there's some way to make a local
profile "global" or "shared" among multiple local user accounts on the same
machine, that'd be swell. Any ideas?
 Thanks a million.

Probably not

If you're talking about adding things like shortcuts that will show up in all
profiles you can do that in Docs&Sets using All Users. Hope this helps.


If it's a question of connecting two two or more server/domain accounts
without the local computer developing a dual personality as a side-effect,
then MyLogon was developed for precisely this purpose.

For working as a limited user, and without losing you settings when you need
to go 'God mode' then su.exe will do this by temporarily promoting your
limited user -so only one user needed. Note this second utility is still
under testing, so use at own risk.

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