create customize default profile in xp sp3



as before when i using win2000, i use administrator account to customize all
the setting in win2000 such as running all the program once, customize the
input methods, desktop icon, etc...after that goto the folder option to
enable show the hidden folder and file and copy the administrator profile to
default profile. So when all the domain user, or local user logon that
machine, all have the same profile settings.

but nowadays, i install xp with sp3, after finishing the installation,
beside administrator, windows xp required me to create an administrative
right account before completed the installation.(i named that account as
than i use this account to customize all the windows settings, run all the
installed program once such as office 2007, acrobat reader 9, windows media
player, photoimpact, flash, dreamweaver etc... then logout and login with
the administrator account, however, after i click the "localadmin" account,
the "copy to" button dim, i can't copy this profile as a default profile.

may i know what is the correct procedure for creating a customize default
profile in windows xp sp3 ?

usually, after i copy the administrator profile to default profile, the
profile size become very large, can i prevent this ?

after i copied the profile, i will use sysprep to reset the windows and use
ghost to clone the whole hard drive to other machine, i didn't use
unattend.txt etc,,,,

please reply as soon as possible...thank you so much ^_^

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