Local Profile to Domain Profile and Bulk




Here is my situation. I had a peer to peer network. It has to be changed
to a client server environment. The server would be Win2k3 R2 SP2 and Win Xp
workstations. About 60 machines have to join to a domain that I created on
the Win2k3 box. I then would have to move the local user profiles to the
newly created domain profiles on each machine (these are not going to be
roving profiles). I already figured out setting up everyone's domain
accounts and such.

The questions are:

How do I join 60 machines to a domain so that I don't have to touch any of
them? For instance, how would I be able to have it so that the next time a
user turns on a machine, that the machine would self join to a domain?
How do I migrate the local profiles from each machine to the newly created
domain profiles on each machine automatically?


You have your work cut-out for you. Migrating the profiles into a domain is
an established procedure but one which involves several logons/logoffs per
user per computer, consequently it is not a quick process.

The alternative is to forget domain-membership and install MyLogon from
http://mylogon.net - this will allow the users to logon to the server much as
in a domain, but they will continue to use their existing profiles.

Which would prove the more suitable depends on your precise requirements
(there are several features of the AD which MyLogon cannot emulate) but there
is no question that the latter approach will save a vast amount of work.

(and yes I'm plugging my own utility, but having gone through this scenario
more times than I can count, not to mention the similar issues with replacing
a DC... that's why I wrote it.)

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