MM 2.1 suddenly can no longer capture sound



I've been using MM 2.1 (SP2 version) for about 8 months now. Prior to this
past week, hadn't used it in a couple months. Prior to last week, was
always able to capture video (via USB connection) from my Sony camera.

Last week I had some new footage, and when I went to capture, the video came
through fine as always, but there was no sound.

Things I've verified:
1) Played the raw tape on the camera and verified through the camera speaker
that there's sound on the raw tape.
2) Was able to capture the raw feed via the USB connection using NERO---got
both sound and video (although the Nero-captured sound and video are NOT as
good a quality, so I need to get this issue resolved so I can use MM 2.1), so
I can confirm that the sound is there on the raw feed, and getting into my
computer via my Soundblaster Audigy soundcard.
3) Already looked in the options, there are no ".ax" codecs to uncheck.

I cannot think of anything I've done/changed that might have caused MM2.1 to
start misbehaving, and it's driving me CRAZY!!

Only known program loads were a couple of games (Morrowind, Starcraft,
RailsAcrossAmerica), but didn't get any conflict or error messages.

Just finished downloading/installing SP3, and that did not fix the problem.

My gut feeling is that somehow MM2.1 either lost, or misplaced an
audio/video codec, but I can't figure out how to check, or reinstall, or
(Assume I'm a computer idiot for purposes of giving me suggestions.)

Thanks for any help you can give.




Hey John,
Thanks for the post.
I have not tried using a firewire---I do not have an IEEE interface on my
DellSystem, all I have are the USB jacks, but I appreciate the suggestion.

What's really driving me nuts is that this process (DV output on the Sony
cam into the USB port) WORKED, consistently, for almost a year, and now
*poof* it does not, with no apparent changes being made that I can tell.

Thanks again for trying.

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