Capturing high-def video in Movie Maker 2.1 in XP


Indigo Bunting

I have a first-generation high-definition video camera which records to
miniDV tape in 1080i resolution and I need to start moving my recordings from
digital tape to one of my computers running Windows XP Pro. I don’t have a
software program which specifically supports editing of high-definition video
or burning it to DVD, but all I’m interested in right now is capturing the
video on computer, for editing and burning to DVD in the future. If I use
Windows Movie Maker or Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0 to simply capture the
video on computer, can I effectively preserve the high-definition character
of my digital tape recordings that way? Or will it be necessary to capture
the video with a newer software program which runs under Windows XP and
specifically supports high-definition video?




Movie Maker doesn't do it directly from the camera.... use whatever the
camera manufacturer provides or it's website recommends, and then do file
conversions as needed if you want to edit it with Movie Maker.

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