Windows Movie Maker - Capturing Video Device not Recognized



I am in the process of attempting to use Windows Movie Maker to convert
material stored on VHS tape. I'm new to Movie Maker and am having difficulty
capturing video from my VCR/Dazzle Digital Video Creator 150 device
combination connected via USB port. My problem is that Movie Maker is not
detecting this device; "A video capture device was not detected."

The VCR is turned on with video playing and the Dazzle is registering the
feed. I have dowloaded the Dazzle 150 driver just to make sure I was using
the most current one.


Your Dazzle captures to MPEG2 files, which Movie Maker doesn't work with.

Your options include capturing from VHS tapes to computer by 'passing'
though a mini-DV camcorder connected to the computer by firewire, or using
the software that came with the Dazzle and convert the MPEG2 file into ones
that work in Movie Maker.

See my website's Import Movie Source Files > Video > MPEG page... and the
Cameras and Capture Devices > Brands > Dazzle page.


i think E.M. Free Game Capture is ok!
it is a tool that records games of high-Def 3D, 2D directdraw and
OpenGl or changes of the desktop to various video files in any FPS
(frames per second). And the custom recording speeds can be specified
from 5 frame/s up to 100 frame/s. And the recorded video formats
contain avi, wmv, flv, mp4, mkv, and even certain popular ones which
can play in iPod, iPhone, PSP, xbob360 etc.

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