Microsoft Outlook Connector Error: x no available message stores



When setting up Sync via USB with Blackberry Curve Bold 8900 wit
Blackberry Desktop Manager.

Details: Outlook 2007 (Enterprise Edition) on Vista Home Premium 64.

Have tried:

Re-naming Mapi32.dll to Mapi32.dll
Tried to do fixmapi in System32 but when I clicked on it nothin
happened. No exe file extension.
Mail app in Control Panel has disappeared so I could try to build ne
Full System restore. No joy. Just a lot of work.
Uninstalling Outlook 2007 and installing Outlook 2003.
Uninstalling Office 2007 and installing Office 2003.

Any help would be much appreciated..



Roady [MVP]

You forgot to include your issue. You only really included which
troubleshooting steps you took.

Mote that on a 64-bit version of Windows, you can find the Mail applet in
the 32-bit section of the Control Panel.




The problem is the same as I have. The Blackberry 9630 Tour will not sync
with Outlook 2007. Trying to configure sync option with Blackberry Desktop
Manager selecting Outlook gives the error message "OUTLOOK CONNECTOR ERROR no
available messages stores" There are many suggestions telling us to rename
mapi32.dll, then run fixmapi.exe. This creates a new mapi32.dll file but
does not solve the problem. There no information anywhere the details the
problem or the solution. MANY blackberry users are stuck with a device that
will not sync. Does anyone have a solution?


K. Gardin

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