Outlook 2007 will not load - gives an error olmapi32.dll



Recently installed Office 2007 Enterprise and now neither Outlook 2007 or
2003 will work. Outlook 2003 gives error, " Mapi32.dll is corrupt or wrong
version. This could be caused by installing other messaging software. Please
reinstall Outlook." When I try to run Outlook 2007, I get error,
"OLMAPI32.DLL", that's all. Does anyone have any idea how to fix. Thanks.

Roady [MVP]

You should not be able to have 2 versions of Outlook installed on the same
system in the first place, so something is clearly wrong on your computer.
Completely uninstall both versions of Office and then install Office 2007
again and apply SP2 and additional updates. This should solve the issue
although it is also recommended to recreate your mail profile.
See http://www.howto-outlook.com/faq/newprofile.htm


I agree with Roady on only having one version of Outlook. I have fixed this
through my agency by uninstalling Office 2003 and then reinstalling only
MSAccess off the Office 2003 software package. This does work now.

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