Microsoft FAX (WIN2k + OL xp)



I just formatted my computer and installed a new copy of
WIN2k and Office XP. I can't find the option to add a fax.
When going to my computer<< (right click) manage<<services
and applications<< services<< fax service - after logon as
a local system account or even as a user name for this
account I received an error message.
In: Start<< Program<<Communication - I do not have a fax
I went to Add/Remove Programs<<Office.<<Change - no
options for fax.
Any suggestion?



Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

There is no such option. The Windows 2000 Fax Service is installed
automatically when you install Windows 2000 if it detects a compatible
analog fax modem.




Not sure if this will provide you any insight but when I
installed O2k on my computer, the first time I tried to
send a fax it asked me to install the fax feature from
the CD, which I did.

Then, from within the inbox view, click Tools, Options
and you should now see a "Fax" tab in addition to all the
others such as Preferences, Mail Delivery, Mail Format,

To send a new fax from within the inbox view, click File,
New, Fax Message and that should bring up a new fax

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