Microsift Outlook 2007 setup for Gamil




I have tired in many ways to integrate my Gmail account to outlook 2007 but after configuring it keep asking to verify the username and password

here are the steps I followed:

tools -> account setting -> new -> Microsoft exchange,pop3,imao or http -> manually configure server setting -> internet email ->

Incoming Mail (POP3) : pop.gmail.com
Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server : smtp.gmail.com
and all my email info and username (that also my email)

more information -> outgoing server -> my outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication -> advanced -> POP3 Port: 995 and SMTP port: 465 -> SSL connection tick

I have done all these steps but when i click the test account setting it is keep asking the username and password to enter. but already i did entered.

could anyone help me to configure outlook 2007 to access gmail?


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