Media Player will not work in IE6 - no error message



When I try to play streaming Windows Media files, it just sits there and says
"Your video is loading" forever. I don't see any internet activity on the
cable modem. IE6 plays Quicktime and Real Player videos no problem. Media
Player works when I run it stand-alone but it just won't work when I try to
play a video within Internet Explorer. I've reinstalled Media Player,
checked firewall settings, etc. Other computers on this connection don't
have that problem.

Any ideas?

Jon Kennedy

From another thread where folks were having issues with video on MSNBC and

Problems with the CNN video feed were throwing me also despite my machine
having all the latest patches and doing a reinstallation of Windows Media
Player 10. Apparently it's a conflict with the Real Player. Here's what
solved the video problem for me:

--Dan W.

If no joy: player problems

Totally uninstall Flash:
Then reinstall:
(don't forget to uncheck the Yahoo toolbar box)

More info

Do you have any toolbar or other helper application that blocks Flash? Some
toolbars that block pop-ups also have a Flash-blocker.

See this site for .reg file to make sure Flash is enabled in the registry: - line 363 on the left.
Download to your desktop and double-click to merge to your registry or right
click and choose Merge - or Edit to see exactly what modifications it will
make to your registry.

Check your security settings - Tools...Internet Options...Security tab,
click Internet Zone, click Custom, and make sure automatic downloads are
enabled. Ensure that "Download Signed ActiveX controls" and "Run ActiveX
controls and plug-ins" are not disabled.

If you are behind a proxy server or are in an administered network
environment - they may be blocking Flash.

You can check for your Flash install status here:

Tools...Manage Add-ons...change menu to "Add-ons that have been used by IE"
and make sure that "Shockwave ActiveX Control" and "Shockwave Flash Object"
are set to "enabled".

Try posting your issue to the Macromedia Flash support forum:
As you'll see, you are not alone in having trouble installing Flash, and
they have support engineers there monitoring the group.


Thanks for the help! It took a while to try all of your suggestions. I
finished the last one, uninstalling and reinstalling Flash. I still have the
same problem. When I try to view a video, it just says "Your video is
loading" forever. I don't see any internet activity on the cable modem and
no error message, even if I leave it like that for 1/2 hr.

Jon Kennedy

I'm sorry to hear you are still having problem, despite all the work you
have put in on this issue. I'm out of further ideas right now. You may
also want to post this issue on the WMP newsgroup to get more eyeballs on
the problem:

See this article for possible help:

Windows Media Player 7 Does Not Recognize a Connection to the Internet

If no joy, do a Find for Msdxm.ocx, rename it with an .old extension, then
reinstall WMP.

If still no joy, post this question to a WMP newsgroup:


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