IE 6 Not Playing Videos Wihtin The Web Browser



I need help I am trying to get IE 6 to play videos within the web browser
right now when I click on a video windows media player open and it plays it.
I remember when you could click on a video and IE 6 would play the video
within the browser in a small window in the lower left corner of the browser.
I have checked my settings in tools internet options advanced multimedia
settings and have the check mark check to play videos within the browser is
there anything I need to do?


Hi j,

That used to be an IE6 thing... the Media Bar (View>Explorer Bar>Media bar).

Web sites could program their links and specify that videos and music would
open and play in the Media bar (target="_media")
but the bad guys worked out a way to hijack your computer this way, so
Microsoft has removed it from IE6, 7 and 8.

Sorry. Its no longer in use or available.


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